Reality versus Expectations

Reality versus Expectations


We love fiction. In novels, movies and soap operas and every other story that circles us have made its impressions in our minds. However, often it is deception.

Many movies in the history of time have represented private eyes differently than who they are in real life. All of us picture a private investigator to be a prodigy craving isolation who cracks cases just for the thrill of it. But this is not the only myth that we are led to believe. Let us go ahead and uncover some of them:

Detectives fit in; not stand out

We have seen elaborate appearances of eccentric detectives countless times. In an attempt to appear intellectual, they wear a hat, sometimes carry a cane, and wear only dark colors, mostly a high-priced trench coat. But in real life, detectives have to hide among the crowd. They have to mix up with the crowd and come across as just another average person. An overdressed get-up in such a scenario can backfire awfully. A camouflaged look is a prerequisite of this profession. When they are on the watch, they cannot afford to catch an eye.

Detectives are lawful

It is often appealing to the audience when the detective overthrows the government and outsmarts them. Soap operas and movies portray them as dramatically spiteful towards the constitutional law and “the system.” Except in truth they work within the law. Detectives go by the rules. They don’t make overt gestures for justice that draws attention towards them. They are retired cops, lawyers or government servants who pursue this line of work. They have to be respectable and reputable. Acting out is not the way to go when you seek real answers. While they do all the sneaking, they cannot just break into homes or impersonate someone. They also have to be in connection with the government for clearance.

Detectives do paperwork

Yes, private investigators have to file whatever they do. These are legal formalities that need to be followed. They compile case studies, lists, interviews, and timelines of the information. This does not sound fun and exciting. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be. This is an official job which can be monotonous sometimes, like every other profession.

Detectives can’t read minds

People’s expectations can be superfluous. They presume that detectives can bring out any nature of truth. But a train of thought cannot be proved. Conspiracies, superstitious schemes, and dark secrets cannot be confirmed if they are unextractable. A secret ceases to be a secret once it is shared, but it lives if concealed forever. A piece of information that has not run in the notice of public domain stays underground. And after all, dead men can tell no tales.

Detectives are not “lonely geniuses”

Real-life detectives work along with a team in offices and firms. They are not rusty masterminds who fight with a megalomaniac in a series of gun downs and car chases. Private investigators in real-life work diversely, they offer premarital investigations and background checks as well. It is interesting and fulfilling, but it is not an idealized or heroic job.

As much as we love this portrait of the mysterious prodigy and high-risk drama he involves himself in time and again, we must remember it is not quite true. Investigations are carried out much more covertly and less glamorously. Cases are always cracked but they take time. It is not per se a dangerous job, because detectives are not directly threatened. While threat and danger are involved but the process of investigation is foolproof.



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