Divorce Case Investigation

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Divorce Case Investigation in Delhi India:

Once husband and wife decide to separate, they reach to police & judiciary for divorce cases. Plethora of cases are filed by both the parties, cases u/s 125 CrPc ( for alimony ), Domestic violence Act and u/s 406, 498A IPC are usually filled alongside the divorce cases. Both the party level allegations & counter allegations in these cases. Usually the allegations are not substantiated by corroborative evidences.

In some cases the estranged wife seeking alimony/maintenance, falsely claim to be unemployed. DDS Detective investigate the proper employment status of the estranged wife and give evidences for the same. Dimetrically opposite, the husband sometimes hides his income or claim an unemployment so that he do not need to pay alimony/maintenance to his wife, in such cases DDS Detective provides employment or earning status of the husband with required evidences. DDS Detective also provide asset verification of husband.

In many divorce cases investigation, extra marital affair play a very important role, we in DDS Detectives provide evidences of extra marital affair and infidelity.

Courts are not able to come on conclusion in divorce cases, as both the parties make claims and are not able to substantiate their claims. DDS Detectives provide photographic, videographic and documentary proofs to establish the case in court.

We in DDS do investigations to establish truth before honorable court. Necessary evidences which can stand scrutiny of judiciary are collected & given to clients. Get in touch with us if you need more information.

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