Mystery Shopping Company in Delhi India

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Mystery Shopping/ Mystery Consumer/ Under Cover Operation/ Secret Shopper is a tool used by detective agencies for its clients for market research and as watch dog organization. Sometime the client hire private investigator to see whether their employees are giving due compliance to regulations and maintaining quality of services. The Mystery Shoppers also performs the specific task such as purchasing a product, comparing the quotations, analyzing the purchasing patterns etc. and then provide detailed feedback about their experiences to the client.  Sometimes companies also hire private investigators to act as mystery shoppers to visit their store, restaurant, branch or any other such location and measure the key parameters of their experience based on the visit. A detailed report is given to the client based on the experience of mystery shoppers.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping –

  • Improve Quality of Service
  • Increase Sales
  • Locate Potential Business Hazards
  • Improve Company Image and Branding
  • Help With Decision Making
  • Answer Employer Questions
  • Gather Evidence of Trouble
  • Stop Criminal Activity
  • Manage A Business
  • Get Customer Insight
Mystery Shopping in Delhi

In India this is the fast growing field and it bridges a gap between the perception of management of company hiring the private investigator and how it is perceived. We at DDS Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are fastest growing mystery shopping company in Delhi India. We begin as a small company based in Delhi and have now working capability in entire India and abroad. We have work experiences with large stores, boutiques, malls, banks, hotels, brand outlets etc. Our team of private investigator is fully efficient and well qualified to act as mystery shoppers having 20+ years of experience. We have sufficient skills for market analyses and research. Our reviews are very crucial for client to analyze and upgrade their services and product offering. Our team use latest and best technologies and meet global benchmark for quality and integrity.

Why We are the leading Mystery Shopping Company in India –

  • Rooted in Shopper Marketing – Some of the world’s most successful companies rely on us to execute their shopper marketing strategies. We are the leading mystery shopping company.
  • Best in Industry Technology – We use latest technology to ensures that information collected is reliable and real time and that analytics are insightful and rich.
  • Coverage Across India and Worldwide – We currently deliver over 2000+ mystery shops and audits across more than 500 cities with a team of full time and highly trained auditors.
  • Focus on Quality – We deploy trained and certify shoppers on every project and verify each response received for insightfulness and accuracy before reporting to clients.

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