Theft & Pilferage Investigation

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Theft & Pilferage Investigation

Pilferage by employees and theft In this modern era everyone wants to earn lots money by any means whether it is by leaking a software idea in top multinational companies or stealing the projects. Due to these illegal activity MNCs go in deep loss as they give years for a project idea and huge capital is being invested on it. DDS Detective solution has special team for solving this type of problem with different types of technologies.

Our skilled and experience detective make insure the background of employee when he/she is being hired. Making the protection more secure we also make you secure over the internet and 24 *7 your file and materials are under surveillance. Some time its happen you notice something fishy in some of your employees behavior, in these cases you can directly contact us and can tell the behavior of employee. We will investigate thoroughly and will find the exact matter behind that.

Theft and Pilferage Investigation

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