Audio & Video Surveillance

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Audio & Video Surveillance

The process of putting someone or something under the surveillance has always worked effectively. Hence, we at Delhi Detective Services are dispensing the service of audio and video surveillance for keeping a tight and firm security all around.

We resolved numerous cases with Audio & Video Surveillance by installing the spy cameras and microphones at the specified the place. There are many cases that are too hard to solve, such Bank Robbery, Mobile Theft, the continuous advent of fake calls and so on.

We provide Surveillance Services and observance services like security surveillance services, video surveillance service and many more to our clients. Moreover, we keeping track of Following

  • Suspected person involved in any kind of wrong doings
  • Providing minute-to-minute details about his/her movements,
  • Description of places being visited by the subject
  • people met during the course of surveillance,
  • Take photographs
  • Make video clips
  • Documentaries for evidence purposes if required by clients.

Audio Video Surveillance Service

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