Our Clients Testimonial:


Its a pleasure writing feedback for DDS Management solutions Pvt.Ltd. We were in acute dilemma over our employees going to labour court. We were fighting twenty one such cases, where ex employees were claiming to be unemployed. DDS Management Solutions provided us relief and solved our cases. Out of the twenty one employees, nineteen were found to be working. We got clinching evidences by team DDS. Special thanks to Subham Sahu, the operations manager of DDS Management solutions Pvt.Ltd.


Ajay Yaday (GM)

HPL Adhesives Pvt.Ltd.


I had severe doubt on my husband, I suspected him of having an affair. After twelve year of healthy relation, my husband started behaving in very suspicious manner. He started keeping lock of his mobile phones. Met.Sh.R.S.Khatri , through a strong reference, he delivered what he promised in four days time. My husband was busted. I had clear videos of him entering Radisson Blue Hotel room along with a lady. Armed with the video, I reached there and caught him red handed with a colleague who was not even married. I later exposed the finding in girls house also, my husband has since reformed. Thanks for DDS Detectives. My best of wishes for future.

Ritu (Noida)


There was a huge amount of pilferage in our company, losses were also making the projects financially unviable. Despite several measures I was not able to catch the culprits. Just goggled out the number and had a meeting with Sanjeev Sir, special appreciation for Prakash, he was sent as an undercover agent for a period of one and a half month. With in this one and a half month, the undercover agent unearthed the entire malpractice. My supervisor, project manager, guard and storekeeper were video recorded. The entire modus operandi which was puzzling me, came out. There was theft to the tune of 30 -40 lakhs per month in Noida project. Thanks to Team DDS.

                        Mr.Karan Israni (MD)

CSk Builders


As I am leaving the office of DDS, Sanjeev Sir asked me to fill feedback form. I am very thankful and grateful to Sanjeev Sir and his entire team. Quick and result oriented service. I had got a match for my daughter, through newspaper advertisement. The boy well settled. The entire family was very good and were having successful business. Everything was like a fairy tail, my neighbours suggested to hire a detective agency. I contacted, DDS Solutions through internet. Within a week, they completed their pre matrimonial investigations. I was shown the findings, the boy was alcoholic and had a FIR registered against him for drunken brawl. The FIR copy was also provided to us. Thanks to DDS for saving my daughter’s life. I being a widow couldn’t have tolerated this setback.

Mamta Goel (Housewife)


My daughter was married three months earlier. Her husband never made sexual contact with my daughter. We were very sure that either groom was sexually impotent or was having an affair with someone. Very reluctantly I contacted DDS Solutions, who made me at case on the phone call itself.  Within a period of four days the detectives sent by Sanjeev Sir, video recorded the evidence of my so called son in law being a homosexual. Although, we are shattered but happy at the same time because we have evidences which will help us in getting quick divorce. Also we belong to a traditional Jat family and divorce is considered a taboo in our community. The evidences of videos will help in re marriage of my daughter. Thanks to team DDS.

(Name wilheld on the request of client)


I am in the business of cosmetic wax manufacturing. Its a family business passed to me by my father. Our factories are located in Delhi, Alwar and Kundli. Our trademark ‘Tigerwax’ was duly in place, we had copyright of the product. However, our product was duplicate by some fraudsters.  This not only resulted in business losses, but also the reputation of the company and brand was declining due to inferior products sold in market. DDS Management Solutions started its investigation from scarp. We were only asked to show the shops where counterfeit products were sold. Within a month, DDS team successfully located the godowns and thereafter, factories where counterfeit products were being manufactured. A raid was also conducted by DIU, North District, Delhi Police. We got amazing results on hiring DDS Management Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Shiv Bhambri (CEO)