Detective Agency in Uttrakhand

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Private Detective Agency in Uttarakhand

DDS Management Solutions Pvt Ltd is a top-notch detective agency in Uttrakhand that offers professional, personal and corporate investigation services. We offer a range of investigation services to secure our clients that includes pre-matrimonial investigation services and Sting & Undercover operations. In today’s time while we need to trust people it is also required that we make sure that they are worth our trust. Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime and we can help you verify if your possible spouse is eligible for that commitment or not. We carry out a number of checks that include background verification, financial status checks, criminal track record verifications, and social reputation checks to help you make an informed decision. Some cases are a little difficult and the truth in these cases need to be unearthed by careful espionage and spycraft. We have trained undercover agents and high-end gadgets that can help you uncover important information in such cases.

Personal Investigation Services includes –

  • Post Matrimonial Investigations
  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Loyalty Test
  • Divorce Cases
  • Secret Undercover Operations
  • Sting Operations
  • Due Diligence
  • Physical Surveillance

Corporate Investigation Services Includes –

  • Pre Employment Verification
  • Post Employment Verification
  • Missing Person Investigation
  • Asset Verification
  • Employment Theft Investigation

DDS is top detective agency in Uttarakhand particularly in professional, personal and corporate investigation service. We offer different types of investigation to secure our clients. Our best detective investigators will help you to assemble complete evidences that our searching for privately using latest technology like spy software and gadgets to solve your case as soon as possible. We are one of the best among top detective agency in India.

We Promise Our Clients…

  • To act according to our company values
  • To work with you and not against you
  • We are not simply interested in fee generation, we have responsibility to secure our clients
  • For more information feel free to contact us!
  • We talk to you honestly and openly in your language
  • To make it easy for you, our best detectives put their efforts and hard work so that you can concentrate on your business

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