Debugging & Sweeping Services

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Debugging and Sweeping:

Technology has advanced to the extent that your workplace, office, house, etc can be bugged by anyone. Bugging devices are very sophisticated now a days. They can be camouflaged in almirahs, drawers, clocks, carpet area, furniture etc. These bugging devices are very difficult to detect and discard.

If you feel that your office has been compromised and someone is getting crucial information than chances are that your house / office has been bugged. Bugs (electronic eavesdropping devices) can harm you personally, financially, physically  or professionally.

If you feel your secret are being transmitted to someone, than there are chances that your home / office has been bugged. Do not waste any further time and call DDS Detective Solutions for tracing and removing these bugs.

For detecting the bugs an initial physical sweeping is done. It is followed by technical team. The technical team is armed with latest equipment’s to detect any hidden audio / video device. It uses instruments such as HHMD (Hand Held Metal Detector), Radio Frequency Tracer, Digital CUB, Infrared & thermal sensor, spectrum analyzer, No Linear Junction Detector.

After Completing screening & sweeping, our team gives a detailed report. Our team of experts also gives remedies to safeguard the premises & strengthen the security features.

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