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Ghaziabad, located in Uttar Pradesh, is a large and planned industrial city which lies near the capital of India and come under the area of NCR. It is considered as one of the well-established urban areas of India due to the fast development of base and various offices. Ghaziabad is currently regarded as a piece of metropolitan city, luring individuals from nearby places to move to this city in search of occupation, turning the city into a populated community. Along with the fast development and improvements inside the city, the crime rate has also developed at an increasing rate. The number of wrong doers and cheaters has constantly expanded in the recent past. To handle these wrong doers and cheaters in order to keep the habitants of the city safe and not turn into a victim of these hideous activities, we have established the office of DDS detective agency in Ghaziabad as well. The highly trained and dedicated detectives as well as experts in DDS conduct quality investigation services to help the nearby inhabitants from the criminal activities. Each investigator is very much prepared for different kind of scenarios that can happen and are efficient in producing reports after investigation based on genuine truths and solid grounds.

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Important questions to ask from a Detective Agency

Question: Why should I choose DDS in Ghaziabad out of so many other detective agencies?

Answer: DDS provides investigation services in Ghaziabad like no other detective agency, owing to our team of professional detectives who’re very much familiar with city and the people of city which helps us in solving the cases more efficiently and within the estimated time window.

Question: How do you guarantee confidentiality and privacy of the client?

Answer: In the field of investigation, it is the prime objective of the agency to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of the client and the management of DDS strictly adhere to the privacy policy regarding their clients. Even the detectives investigating the case are not provided with the information about the client and the purpose behind the investigation.

Question: What is the address of your office in Ghaziabad?

Answer: You can reach our office for any discussion or concern at the given address: Near Vaishali Metro Station, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Question: Are you connected with the Police and the Judiciary of Ghaziabad in any way?

Answer: The management of DDS comprises of highly decorated retired law enforcement officers as well. Thus, it is not wrong to say that we have good corporation with the Police and the Judiciary here in Ghaziabad to aid us in complex cases.

Question: What is the investigation fees for a case?

Answer: The charges are decided after analysing the essential details then calculating the time duration and assessing other factors to make the final budget for the investigation. However, we do not charge any kind of consultation fees.

Question: Can you show the list of the clients you’ve worked with?

Answer: It is not in the policy of DDS to disclose the names of the clients as in our field of profession, maintaining privacy and confidentiality of the client is the top aim of the agency.

Question: What is the time duration needed to solve my case?

Answer: Answer to this question lies in the particulars of a case such as the complexity of the case and the proof required. Although, experience of experts at DDS allows the agency to provide an estimated time frame details to their clients.

Question: What if the client is not willing to meet to discuss about the case?

Answer: DDS understands the fact that some people wants to keep their identity a secret and every client has the right to do so. We can also communicate easily via phone calls or emails or any source of communication that the client prefers.

Question: What is the advance amount you take?

Answer: We prefer taking 75% of the case fees in advance and the rest 25% we take after we’ve solved the case.

Question: Do you work just 9-5?

Answer: We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year as DDS knows that cheaters and criminals do not carry out their mischievous deeds just during the 9-5 time window.

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