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A private detective as the name suggest (Private detective are also referred as private investigators) is an independent individual or an employee of a detective agency who can hired by public or companies to investigate personal / official matters. They can investigate almost all types of problems. They have a very logical mind and ability to solve complex puzzles (in real life). Role and definition of a detective has evolved over the last 2 decades, especially because of so much development in the technology. Earlier they used to walk and stalk around the street and now use lot of gadgets and technology. However, technology cannot overshadow experience and hence any successful detective or detective agency always has the right mix of experience and technology professionals. DDS Detective agency was founded by Shri. R.S Khatri, a retired ACP from Delhi. His experience combined with technology professional digital detectives has made DDS one of the top detective agencies in Delhi NCR region. Moreover, DDS detective solution has PAN India network of detectives to help and support its clients.

Although our team is expert in solving any complex life problems, people in India(Delhi NCR and other cities) mostly hire private detectives for pre-matrimonial checks, murder investigation and extra martial affairs checks and corporates hire mainly for employee background verifications.

Why DDS Detective?

Private Investigators in Delhi

In DDS Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we believe that we stand apart from the rest of the detective agencies in Delhi because of our years of experience, proven track records and dedication.

We sincerely like to exceed the clients expectations, and provide 100% satisfaction in our services. We always like to exceed the clients expectations, and provide 100% satisfaction in our private investigation services. We give the top most priority to the confidentiality and privacy of our clients in all our detective assignments.We believe in providing facts with solid proofs in all our cases. Although, our head office is based in Delhi, we have an excellent investigation network  across India, and we can help in investigation service for background verification, matrimonial investigations or any other private investigation in Delhi and in any part of India.

Exceptional Service & 100% Privacy

We have established this detective agency based in Delhi to provide excellent services to our clients. We work in a way that once instructed by the client, we’ll only report to client or anyone client has specified of, like legal representative of the client. We don’t inform any third party about what we’re doing and for whom. DSS detectives conducts the investigation efficiently and secretly. We never issue any information to law enforcements or other relevant agency, unless bounded by the law.Confidentiality of the client is of prime importance at DDS and we assure you that nothing will be leaked from our end.

Professional Detectives

In the likes of Sh. R.S. Khatri (Retired ACP, Delhi Police), Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (director of DDS) a decorated ex Police Officer and Sh. DK Thakur who have 23 years of experience in looking after field investigations, you can be assured that your case is in right hands. DDS team knows that a great team can make a difference, and this makes us apart from mushrooming detective agencies in Delhi NCR and India.

Accurate Findings

DSS is renowned for delivering the precise results. We focus on building a genuine partnership with the clients which is essential to bring out the best positive results.

Top services provided by DDS Detective Agency

We’re one of the best Private detective agency in India dedicated to serve its clients with relevant proofs and findings of their respective cases, helping them in living a life free from negative people and adverse situations. Here are some list of services where we can help individuals and corporates/companies.


If you notice that something is not right in your life, such as weird phone calls, frequent unjustified absences, unexplained behaviour changes, strange private life, frequented arguments and many such related suspicious activities which is impacting on business, personal or financial future, and where police or any government agency cannot really help, then we strongly believe you should take assistance of a private detective or private investigator who can help you find solutions of your problems.

There are many ways to find the right detective who can help you in your case. I would like to share few tips which will be really helpful in your decision making.

#1 : Ask for references in a similar case.

#2 : Check their reviews online. I am sure you will find some reviews in Google or some complaint websites.

#3 : At the time of free consultation, ask for a rough high level plan of execution.

I hope these tips will help.

To begin the investigation, clients are required to provide with all the necessary details and information, no matter how small or insignificant. In some cases, the client might be asked to present a photo or the physical description of the subject.

Other relevant valuable information such as home and office address, vehicle information, place and time to start and the reason behind the investigation, are also quite useful in investigation. If needed, the they might even cross check the information given by you, as well as the intention of conducting the private investigation.

The private investigation work is time-consuming, boring and comprises of difficulties. The planning and execution of cases differs from case to case. Even if the cases are of the same category, the dimensions may vary a lot and cases are never the same.

If asked, the investigating agency will provide you with the information you need and also, you can directly speak to the investigator and the agency will let you know about the steps involved and the ongoing process of the investigation.

Every private investigation case is conducted discretely and guarantee 100% confidentiality. Private investigators, who handles the cases, are not provided with the sensitive information of the client. The case files are kept and maintained in such a confidential manner that only the assigned case officer has the access to the information, as and when required.

We are bounded by boundaries and operate across India. Cases are accepted from various parts of the country. For handling the nationwide cases, agency seeks local spy’s assistance and also, send one of their own private detective to the particular city in order to oversee the case.

The cost of the private investigation varies from case to case. The amount that the detective agency charges is proportional to the time taken, the complexity of the investigation, the resources utilised, equipment required and the location of the operation.

The context of each case is different, and perhaps the charges are based on the information, scope, technicality, intricacies involved, and the level of operation required. So, there is no fixed charged as such. Although, after getting the essential information and analysing the information, the private investigation agency can provide you with a rough estimation.

Usually, a 24-hour prior notice is appreciated. But in some exceptional and urgent cases, they can start the investigation within one to three hours.

We can send the report via email or regular mail to the client. Clients can also come to office to collect the report first-hand, if that’s what they prefer. We can also send documents and other information and findings of the case by using the same method. However, one should keep in mind that the  DDS detective agency only hands the information and report of the private investigation once the full payment is made.

We accept payments made through cash, cheques, credit cards or online payment. We accept 100% full and final payment beforehand, before starting the project.