Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon

Are you looking for an ethical and reliable private investigator or a detective agency in Gurgaon? Contact investigation specialists at DDS detective agency in Gurgaon for all your private investigation needs. We believe that no investigation case is big or small. Our detectives always deliver best to our effort in every investigation case and make sure that 100% privacy is maintained. We have right mix of male and female detectives in Gurgaon who can accomplish your investigation objective.

We have deep rooted network of private investigators across Gurgaon and all over India. Whether you are based in Golf course road, Sohna road, other sector in Gurgaon or any part of India, we can help you in all your investigation related problems in Gurgaon. Give us a call and our detective agency investigator will be available to discuss your investigation case in person.

When to Hire a Detective Agency

FAQ’s to ask from your Detective Agency

Question: Out of all the detective agencies in Gurgaon, why should I choose you?

Answer: We’ve managed to achieve so much in the field of investigation with the help of highly trained and dedicated team of DDS who understands the ongoing situation of the city and try to make it safe and sound for the people living in Gurgaon, as much as possible.

Question: How confidential is your service in Gurgaon?

Answer: Confidentiality of the client’s case is our topmost priority. We work in such a manner that the case remains 100% confidential as even the detectives investigating the cases doesn’t know that the case they’re investigating is for whom and for what purpose.

Question: Where is your office located in Gurgaon?

Answer: You can find our office in Gurgaon at the following address; Gurugram Rd, Vikas Nagar, Sector 10, Gurugram, Haryana.

Question: Do you have any corporation with the police and judiciary of Gurgaon?

Answer: DDS comprises of investigator who have experience and a significant background in Police, CBI and judiciary. Thus, we can assure that we have good connections and acquaintances in Police and judiciary who can help us regarding our investigations.

Question: How much would it cost me here?

Answer: Our charges differ depending upon the type and complexity of the case. To find out the costing, the details of the case are analysed and then timescale and budget are decided.

Question: Who are the clients you’ve worked with?

Answer: DDS does not share the list of its clients with anyone as we give super priority to the confidentiality and privacy of the client.

Question: How much Time it take to solve a case?

Answer: The duration of the case depends on the specifics and difficulty of the case. Some cases get resolved within few days while some can take months depending upon the complexity of the case.

Question: What if Some client wants to avoid meeting to keep their identity secret?

Answer: Clients have every right to secure themselves and if they don’t wish to meet to discuss the case, DDS is happy in discussing cases over phone or through emails or any other mode of communication the client is comfortable in.

Question: How much does a client pay in advance?

Answer: Usually we take up to 75% of the case fees in advance and the rest 25% after the completion of the case.

Question: What are your working hours?

Answer: The highly trained and dedicated team of DDS works for 24 hours every day and for 365 days of an year to solve the cases presented before us.

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