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Faridabad is the biggest metropolis in the northern state of Haryana, in Faridabad district. It is a self-sustained city with an abundance of food processing plants, educational institutions, health and commercial centres. The town is developing pretty quick with the expansion of industries and businesses that are being established in the town. However, the town comes under the NCR area and just like other areas of NCR, the rate of criminal activities and frauds are intensely higher. With all this capital and equity assets distributed in unruffled manner, the chances of cases like burglary, theft and financial frauds also increases which is a matter of concern for the citizens residing in Faridabad. The crime rate and the number of fraudulent cheaters is increasing proportionally with development happening in the city. The authentic character of the city is rapidly changing which is giving a lot of stress to the people living here. DDS detective agency in Faridabad, Haryana is dedicated to constantly work harder to make the city safer and secure for people to live here.

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Important questions to ask from a Detective Agency

Question: Why should DDS be chosen amongst so many detective agencies in Faridabad?

Answer: DDS is one of the best professional detective agency operating in Faridabad. Owing to a very skilled and professional team, we go lengths in order to solve the various problems of the clients with the apt knowledge about the city and its residents.

Question: How can I be assured that my case is going to be confidential?

Answer: The cases presented to us remain confidential at all cost. It is the policy of DDS to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the client as it is one of the basic ethics that we work upon to maintain the trust and companionship with the client.

Question: How can I locate your office in Faridabad?

Answer: You can visit our office with any query or concern to discuss about the case at our Faridabad address which is: Old Sher Shah Suri Rd, Sector 29, Faridabad, Haryana

Question: Are you in contact with the Police and the Judiciary of Faridabad?

Answer: Owing to the management of DDS, the highly skilled detectives remain in contact and have good connections in the Police and the Judiciary system of Faridabad to seek any help in solving the case, if needed.

Question: How much do you charge for a case?

Answer: The fees amount differs as per different cases. The difficulty and time duration of the case are some of the factors upon which the fees of a case depends. However, we can provide a rough estimate once all the details are analysed by our experts at DDS.

Question: Can you state the names of the clients you’ve worked with?

Answer: No, we don’t believe in disclosing the name of our clients as it is one of the prominent policy of DDS to maintain the confidentiality of its clients and disclosing will be a wrong way to act.

Question: What is the time required to solve my case?

Answer: The time duration depends on many factors such as the complexity and the time required to acquire proofs. There are some cases which have been solved within few days, but some cases took few months to get solved.

Question: Can you discuss about the case without meeting the client?

Answer: DDS detective agency has no problem in discussing and handling the case only through phone calls, emails or any mode of communication that the client wants. We respect the privacy of the client and understands that some people don’t desire to talk personally or face to face in order to save their identity.

Question: Do you prefer taking advance?

Answer: Yes, we like our payment to be made in advance, consisting of 75% of the investigation fees. The rest 25% we prefer after getting your case solved.

Question: For how long do you work in a day?

Answer: DSS detective Agency strive to work hard without any time limit. We work for 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year as we know that criminals and cheaters can commit crime or cheat at any given time, so we’re prepared for it always.

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