Post Marriage & Extramarital Affair Investigation Services

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Post Matrimonial & Extramarital Affair Investigation Services:

Marriage is the union of two souls & bodies. The relation of husband & wife is the most sacred and pious relation. However, in today’s world we see many cases of infidelity & extra marriage affairs. Due to extra marital affair the life of other partner becomes hell. He/ She suffer both emotionally and psychologically.

Following are the some of symptoms of extra marital affairs :

  1. Loosing Romance in married life
  2. Keeping phone & other devices password protected
  3. Constant Lies
  4. Excess use of phone / social media
  5. Getting aggressive on confronting
  6. Deleting phone messages & call logs
  7. Unscheduled timings
  8. Fighting on trivial issues.

It is very essential to bust these affairs on time & take remedial actions. We in DDS Solutions take several measures to expose extra marriage affairs. Post Matrimonial Investigation can never have an SOP. Every case is unique and needs different technique for investigations.

DDS sometimes intervene technically ( i.e mobile hacking, secret video & audio recorders, hidden gps trackers, etc.)  and sometimes with human intelligence (i.e intelligence gathering, shadowing, surveillance, inquiry, etc). The Necessary evidences are collected in the form of audio/ video / documents etc. The evidences produced by DDS Detective Solutions are irrebuttable in nature.

Sometimes the suspicion of the spouse is found to be false and in these cases also investigation removes doubts of the partner. After the doubts / unfounded suspicion is removed, one can lead a healthy life.

In cases where the extra marital affairs are discovered, the evidences collected are of considerable importance. These evidences help for correctional measures, the cheating spouse after being exposed can be brought back to normalcy and the questioned affair is laid down in grave. If someone feels that divorce is the only option left, than in that case too these evidences are of great help which can be used in judicial proceeding.

Post Marriage & Extramarital Affair Investigation Services

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