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Non-Resident Indian and Person of Indian origin (NRI’s-PIO’s), overseas Indian etc. are various names given to people of Indian origin by birth or descent (people either born as Indian or their forefather born as Indians, but who lives outside India. It is estimated that near about 4 crore (40 million) Indian diaspora living outside India. Those who migrated before 19th century were tea plantation workers, laborers, mine workers, clerks etc. They were taken by Britishers by virtue of their imperial designs. Some of them also migrated to south east Asian countries out of their own accord. In the mid 1970’s Indian rushed to middle east and Arabian countries after the economic boom due to oil discovery. In recent times Indians have migrated to western countries as skilled work force and have contributed immensely in their growth story. Most of the NRI’s are settled in United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Kingdom, Dubai, Canada, South Africa, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain,  Germany, Trinidad and Tobago as well as parts of Africa and Europe. The ethnicity of the Indian NRI’s is mostly Gujrati (Gujrat), Bengali (Bengal), Punjabi (Punjab), Kashmiri (Kashmir), Marathi (Maharashtra), Malyali or Keralite (Kerala), Tamil (Tamil Nadu), Telgue (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana), Kannada (Karnataka).

NRI’s always need help desk or support group for their problems back home in India. There are several issues which they may face and can only be sorted out by some professional organization in India. Most of them have attachment to their country and families. They are attached to their culture, customs, ethnicity etc. Therefore, NRI’s make matrimonial alliance in India. They also make investments and have ancestral properties in India. Due to this, DDS Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has launched special services for its NRI’s and PIO’s clients. DDS Detectives is a premier spy agency catering to both personal as well as corporate investigation. The private investigator on its pay roll are very experienced and effective. It has a network of private detectives PAN India and regularly carry out investigations for its NRI clients.

DDS Services for Non Resident Indians

Following are the services which we offer to NRI’s and PIO’s:-

  • Pre Matrimonial ServicesThe service is aimed at the Indian community looking for bride/groom in India for their daughter and son. Many of the Indian community still favor their parental guidance in identifying the right spouse and begin their matrimonial life. According to a study 75% of all Indians settled outside India were married with their spouse in India and only 25% of them found the match in their respective countries. Many of the matches are found by newspaper advertisements, news portal, references, dedicated NRI services etc. So primarily checks needs to be done to authenticate the match and check the claims made by other party. In pre marriage cases our team focuses its investigation on character, family background, social status, financial status, reputation, affairs, educational qualification, drug/alcohol abuse etc.
  • Post Marriage ServicesPIO’s or NRI’s often become victim of the growing lust among Indian to travel overseas. There are many cases of fraud in NRI marriages. Extra Marital affair and pre marital relation are found to be pre dominant. There are also cases when previous marriage or educational background has been kept hidden from the bio databefore marriage. DDS Detectives provide all support to NRI’s in divorce and post marriage investigations.
  • Legal AssistanceDDS Detectives has a team of lawyers and it gives legal assistance in matter related to civil law, criminal law, corporate law, matrimonial cases, divorce cases, inheritance cases, investigation cases, fraud cases etc. to NRI’s and PIO’s. We provide complete litigation support.
  • Property Dispute – NRI’s end up in property dispute and inheritance civil cases,with their siblings in India. In many cases false and fabricated, documents and deeds are made to disrobe the NRI’s/PIO’s/overseas Indians of their rightful share in property. DDS Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Offer litigation, police liasoning and investigation services to victim of frauds.
  • Investment and Due Diligence – NRI and PIO’s make investment in India in terms of assets, bonds, share markets, property, industrial projects etc. Although it is very prudent advice to invest in India as it is the fastest growing economy but due diligence and market intelligence are very necessary for any such investments. DDS offersit’s services in this sector. Its team of private investigators, lawyers, financial analyst etc. works efficiently to provide accurate results to clients.

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