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Booming Detective Agency in Faridabad Fights against Cheating

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For our investigators at DDS, to be able to tell the stark signs of a cheating spouse is just touching the tip of the iceberg. Many detectives in Faridabad will take huge sums of money from you and might just provide you with what you already know about your spouse’s behaviour. However, the situation is different when

Cheating on the Rise with the Festive Season

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  With the coming holidays, celebrations, and warmer weather, your to-do list is likely to grow with things to fix in the house before the family arrives, presents to buy, and new recipes to try. And, perhaps you're excited about finally getting some time off the job to fly and catch up on your sleep.

The Philosophy of a Detective

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  First and foremost, a private detective is a professional: a person committed to his work and the daily work. A private detective's philosophy as a professional is partly based on the company's definitions of how they perform their duties and partly on the definitions of individuals. Many factors can intrinsically and extrinsically influence people's

Detective Agency in Gujarat

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Often overlooked by many scurrying between Mumbai and Rajasthan, Gujarat is a simple, vibrant and highly pleasing to any visitor. While its major city Ahmedabad can draw one in with its profound sense of culture and incredible architecture, it can also become unsafe for anyone not too careful. As per crime reports by NCRB in last year

Inside the Mind of a Detective: Skills and Qualities Necessary to Become a Detective

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A detective is an independent professional who carries out investigations and examines situations and people to accumulate data for their clients. For an investigator, it is just as important to interrogate people as it is to conduct surveillance. They have to do paperwork, record the responses and observe what was unsaid. To become a successful

Detectives Unveil the NCRB Report: Crime Rate in Delhi

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On October 21, 2019, the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) brought to public notice the comprehensive umbrella of 2017's crime rates. Under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Delhi's percentage share is 40.4 among 19 metros. Among all states and union territories, the capital Delhi stands on the first position in total crimes per 1 lakh

Rise in demand of detectives on the eve of Karwa Chauth

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Markets are flooded with women’s special discounts everywhere, the diamond and sari advertisements, and web articles wondering whether a newlywed actress will fast. From jewellery brands to FMCG products, a temporary paradigm shift occurs to suit what we watch on screen. We consume ideas that promote this ritual, often selling it as an ineradicable practice

10 Best Detective Agencies in Delhi

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Gone are the days when becoming a detective meant investigating single-handedly without any guaranteed business. Today, when trust between individuals dwindles away, it forms a space filled by the industry of detective agencies. These are teams of professionals who survey, recheck, collect and deliver you the truth from wherever you cannot place your faith entirely.

Identify a Stalker to Fight against Stalking in India

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Stalking is a basic premise for obsession. Plainly, people who pursue someone using unlawful means are mentally unstable. While some of them may be internally suffering from undiagnosed mental disorders, some are actually mentally ill people. The more drawn out a stalking scene gets and the more meddlesome it is, the more is the level