Booming Detective Agency in Faridabad Fights against Cheating

Booming Detective Agency in Faridabad Fights against Cheating

For our investigators at DDS, to be able to tell the stark signs of a cheating spouse is just touching the tip of the iceberg. Many detectives in Faridabad will take huge sums of money from you and might just provide you with what you already know about your spouse’s behaviour. However, the situation is different when you choose DDS Detectives where we gather solid evidence. In fact, we do not just offer a mediocre range of services covering matrimonial inquiries.

Our very best private investigators, the cream of the crop in Faridabad, run day in and day out to physical and virtual spaces to retrieve data, records, and real facts for you. They promise to outperform in all services ranging from surveillance checks to employment background checks, and corporate investigation to debugging and sting operations.

It is primarily this multi-disciplinary approach that allows DDS Detectives to stand out among all its competitors in the market. Along with that, our investigators fully understand the seriousness and sensitivity of the matter that helps them to stay cautious in every step they take. With almost eight years’ experience in this industry of investigation and law, DDS Detectives still know more about the ins and outs of the field than any detective who has been around for a longer time.

Since the inception of DDS, we have formed a strong team of private investigators with an excellent record of accomplishment. This team knows unerringly how to assemble information efficiently without breaching your confidentiality. No matter who you suspect, we will go the ends of the Earth to find them. For this, we have a large network of over a hundred private investigators that can inspect the truth always because they are present everywhere in Faridabad and India.

People always ask us why and how we manage to succeed in our operations always. Our simple rule is to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We ask ourselves how we would wish to be treated as a concerned client.

Thus, when you will hire us to work as your private detectives, you will benefit in a lot of ways.

  • We make sure to provide only concrete evidence, not speculation.
  • We use only well-designed, calculated methods, and government-approved procedures.
  • Access to computer monitoring software to identify their web-based activities.
  • Trustworthy and accredited staff.
  • Fair pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Determined investigators who know how to find the truth.
  • We employ over 100 professional investigators all over the nation.
  • Mobile phone monitoring software for tracking calls and texts.
  • A GPS tracker that identifies where they go and listens in to all car conversations.
  • The option to use CCTV cameras.
  • Our detectives are trained on a regular basis.
  • We work throughout India and beyond.
  • We move beyond suspicion to find the facts.


We are completely discreet in all our cases. We do everything and more to ensure that the person of interest never realizes that they are being looked into. Al the information that presents itself to us is kept confidential and managed tactfully.

Trained professionals

Our staff is fully trained and accredited. They are dedicated to bringing premium quality evidence, conducting an efficient investigation and concluding with perfect results.

Legal Conduct

Our team has complete respect for the law. We do not do anything unprofessional, unsafe or illegal even if the client asks us to. We value honesty and reliability in all our work. Also, unlike it is shown in movies, we are lawful detectives who stand with the legal system, the government, and all related policies.

Transparent pricing

We stay crystal-clear in terms of our pricing. Awkward topics like fee discussion are carried out smoothly at the very beginning by our professional detectives. We keep our clients posted with each step on the way. You will always know in which direction the case is going, and you will be the one making all the discussions.

Staying optimistic

DDS Detectives make it a point to always stay positive. They do not back down no matter what turn the case takes. We do not leave the case incomplete until we have exhausted every possible option. This determination makes us succeed at the end of the day.

We care

At DDS Detectives, we put our heart into everything we do. Our detectives know how essential yet sensitive it is for an individual to find their missing family member or prove their spouse is cheating. It is because of this reason that we chose to become detectives. To help people get released from the stress of their lives and find the real truth is what satisfies us.


DDS Detectives genuinely has your best interests at heart. Our staff is fully qualified, tactful and licensed. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the truth. We become the best for our clients simply due to the fact that we want to be the best private investigation agency in Faridabad, every day we go to work in the morning.



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