Identify a Stalker to Fight against Stalking in India

Identify a Stalker to Fight against Stalking in India

Stalking is a basic premise for obsession. Plainly, people who pursue someone using unlawful means are mentally unstable. While some of them may be internally suffering from undiagnosed mental disorders, some are actually mentally ill people.

The more drawn out a stalking scene gets and the more meddlesome it is, the more is the level of psychological issue added to the conduct. It is imperative that stalkers are put under the judgment of the courts and are treated by trained mental health professionals who can suitably diagnose, treat and manage them.

In any case, it isn’t that every other stalker is mentally unstable. Stalkers are not a homogenous category as we see them in a wide variety of our cases. They have their own reasons and inclinations or what they choose to do, which can change from time to time.

Although you can’t face a stalker alone, you can try to see things from their perspective to make yourself more aware. By understanding their motives and methods, you’re able to spot them earlier and contact the right people much sooner. DDS Detectives shares their expertise and knowledge with you so that, you are able to safeguard yourself before it is too late.

Are You Being Stalked?

The five kinds of a stalker in real life:

  • The Rejected: The stalker seeks vengeance for being rejected. For instance, this could occur if a young lady turns down his proposal for a date.


  • The Resented: For this situation, the stalker’s goal is to bother the victim because of something that occurred between them when they were together. Here, jealousy and envy are the root causes. For example, a couple who were together for three years but when they broke up it was on a bitter note. While the man moved on, the woman became more obsessed and kept stalking him.


  • The Love Struck: The stalker is pursuing someone they think would be a perfect partner for them even when they don’t know them properly.


  • The Pretender: The kind of stalker who falsely believes that they are in a relationship with the person they like. They exaggerate the trivial interactions, follow them wherever they go and check on the people with whom the person they like interacts with.


  • The Predator: This kind of stalker spends 24 hours a day tracing his or her victims, watching their every move, memorizing their every step, knowing every person they know and the places they go. The predator’s goal is to find the perfect moment and place to attack or to assault sexually. This kind is usually the category of serial killers and rapists.


Coming up next are telltale signs of stalking:


  1. You are possibly getting phone calls from someone who is constantly attempting to build up a close association with you and become a part of your life in an unusual manner.
  2. You generally observe the same individual in the places you visit the most on a daily basis: the store, outside your class, restaurants you eat at, or right outside your street, over and over again.
  3. Somebody has begun to pursue you (when you are not interested) in a way that it affects your life and your behavior towards them, either verbally or physically.
  4. Somebody is around you all the time and treats you differently, or uses you physically.
  5. Somebody is claiming to be in a relationship with when in reality you are not,  and presenting the things between you two to be more explicit than they are.

Mind and Behaviour of a Stalker 

Mania is the basis of a stalker’s thought process that drives an individual and transforms them. Stalkers are socially alone and need no close relationships because they are afraid to disclose their true identity, so when they find somebody they like, they try to be around them all the time. They make their presence felt, it may be through calls, sending gifts, or physically pursue their targets without reciprocation or consent.


In spite of the fact that their activities look harmless on the surface, stalkers can go to great extremes to harm their victims to get what they want. Individuals who are repeatedly stalked can become neurotic and paranoid for the rest of their lives.


Stalkers will do almost everything in their ability to make sure that their subject doesn’t get away. Nonetheless, they’re also aware that their methods are socially unapproved of so they also know how to stay hidden and tread carefully on their path. They might introduce themselves with a different name or not give away any personal details.


In many cases, stalkers can be vicious and physically hurt or snatch their targets. Stalkers are normal characters you see in numerous TV shows and films. But, their portrayal on-screen is far from reality. Sketchy stalkers make great television, but the real ones can be hurtful, risky and downright shady – particularly when they won’t quit stalking.


While dealing with a stalker, don’t bring matters into your own hands or you’ll be getting yourself harmed, or worse, end up doing exactly what they wanted you to. In light of a legal problem, it’s ideal to enlist a private detective in Delhi for your own safety. At DDS Detectives, your stalker/predator can be identified and brought to justice.

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