Top political parties and political leaders hiring the services of private detective agencies in Delhi

Top political parties and political leaders hiring the services of private detective agencies in Delhi2018-06-20T08:22:53+00:00

Private detectives are being used by political parties to sneak in to the personal as well as political life of rival and opponents .there are specialized spy agencies in Delhi , who have highly trained team of private detectives in Delhi .

As has always been said politics is the game of scoundrels, most politicians want to know the assets of his rival, his /her business interests, love affairs, family life etc. for this purpose services of private investigators is taken by the political leaders /parties for any seasoned detective agencies, these are cases of routine in nature, but because the nature of work is sensitive only experience private investigators are assigned this kind of job. Many a times revealing information comes out, which is there after utilized by those politicians.

Whenever the topic of snooping in politics comes it reminds me the case of very typical case in this year’s Delhi municipality elections. A very famous personality and sitting councilor of MCD approached our detective agencies for the purpose of investigating the life style of his political rival who was likely be given the ticket by the oppositions it was learnt that the political opponent had cases relating to land grabbing and extortion registered against  him in Delhi ,all these activities were uncovered. It was also established that the politicians, who was under the strutting of detective agency also had an extra marital affair and was in the habit of duping people .All the information collected by our private investigator was handed over to the client and was used by him later. To our amusement the client did not disclosed these information at the same time but waited till  the rival party named this particular person as there candidate for counselor elections.

The link between political parties and detective agencies were established with the arrest of Anurag private detective Anurag was arrested in the famous case of Arun jaitly.

Anurag crossed the their line of legality while obtaining call detail records (cdrs) of Arun Jaitly.

He was subsequently arrested and sent to judicial custody besides this case the case of Amar Singh also gained prominence. The field of private investigations is a grey area and one needs to remain within the parameters of law to obtain evidence.

Detective agencies should only use legally admissible means like hi tech technology, spy cameras, dvrs, spy software etc.

In addition services of private spy agents can be taken for shadowing trailing a person or developing intelligence through human resources .Detective agencies should never apply illegal means while collecting necessary information.

Another time the politicians need the service of detective agencies in elections .Election commission of India (EC) has laid down very stringent guidelines the spending in elections . however elections in  India are always fought with money ,muscle freebies and alcohol using corrupt means can disqualify a candidate almost immediately  .If any candidate is found flouting the norms of etc, he or she can be declassed null and void even after winning the elections .

So private detective like DDS Detective Solution use high and spy gadgets to video record the entire movements private investigators can bring any of these crucial evidence at the time of elections:-

  1. Use of alcohol in elections.
  2. Use of muscle power in elections.
  3. Use of corrupt practices /bribe in election.
  4. Use of exceeding vehicles in rally.
  5. Use of threat or coercion for votes.
  6. Use of extensive manpower in campaigning.
  7. Campaigning after stipulated time.

So detective agencies gather all these evidence in elections and these evidences are collected and furnished by private investigators to their clients.

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