Need for having pre matrimonial enquiry and the story of a lady who skipped it.

Need for having pre matrimonial enquiry and the story of a lady who skipped it.2018-06-20T08:23:52+00:00

As the director of Best Detective Agency in Delhi, people often ask me, the weirdest case i have seen in my life. Although in most of the cases we get  for Personal Detection in Delhi, we discover lots of dirt. In typical cases of Extra Marital Affair Investigation, we often produce proofs of infidelity. But i remember a very strange case, Which can shock anyones belief in humanity. I still remember a newly wedded lady walked down in my office. She was visibly shaken and under tremanderous stress.

 The lady narrated her ordeal, she was from Jalandhar district Punjab and was married to a Rohini (Delhi) based software engineer. It sounded like a dream match, which was fixed through marriage based portal. The lady told that she was married from last two months, her husband used to return late night around 2 PM in a highly inebriated state. Another puzzling thing she told was that her mother in law didn’t allowed the newly married couple to close their doors. Her husband often told her that he has the habit of sleeping with his mother and used to sleep in the room of his mother.
After hearing her patiently, I suggested her to begin with discreet shadowing of her husband for a few days. The best team of Personal Detectives was deployed to crack the case. Within three days it emerged that her husband used to drive out of his Noida based office, with a colleague and used to go to local wine shop. After consuming liquor, he used to go to Gurgaon and smoke weed with the same guy.
Now we knew that the subject was alcoholic as well as drug addict. We handed over the findings to client with supportive evidences of videos and photographs, taken by our hidden devices. Although, the lady was completely shattered, but the poor thing didn’t knew that there was bigger surprise waiting her. I handed her two secret audio recorders to be placed beneath the bed of her mother in Law. The audio recorders were very small in size and not larger than a ten rupees coin, But there power of recording even small whispers can be compared to best Digital Voice Recorder.
On the very first day of keeping these recorders, her husband went into her mother in law’s room. The client retrieved secret Spy Gadgets in the morning. When she heard the recordings, she discovered that her mother in law and husband were in illicit relationship. Although incest and illicit relation between mother and son, were heard by me earlier also, But this was the first time I had seen it in real life. The client called her relatives and parents from Punjab and exposed her husband before everyone. The clients mother in law, was a lady around aged 55 and was a Principal in MCD run government school. Because of the evidences she had, she was able to get separation on her own term and conditions. This was a typical case where Pre Matrimonial inquiry conducted by any reputed Spy Detective Agency, could have easily saved her life.
 Therefore, when the other family is completely unknown one should always hire Personal Detectives. In this case, the personal detective might not have found mother-son affair (because it was happening inside the house). But he could have easily given proof of alcoholism and drug abuse.