Why Pre-Marriage Investigation is Important in Major Cities?

Why Pre-Marriage Investigation is Important in Major Cities?

Happiest is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is one who finds that the true friend is his wife. A successful marriage means a beautiful life. But a failed relationship in marriage can play havoc with a person’s life. A wonderful marriage isn’t something that happens on its own, it’s something that must be created.  

A pre marriage inquiry is very necessary for a successful marriage. A marriage scan can ensure happiness up to eternity. In older days there used to be a very strong people to people connect but now a days, due to the pace of life we often do not have inkling about what our next-door neighbor is doing. This problem is far more complicated in urban centers then our rural villages. In villages marriages often happen within the caste and most of the time in established relationships. The people to people connects is very strong in rural landscape of India, hence the family are mostly known to each other.  

In urban India, the civilization is diagonally opposite and different from the rural settings. Most often the marriages are either love marriages or marriages solemnized through newspaper advertisement, marriage portal, marriage bureau etc. Even in cases of love marriages the facts about each other’s family are not known. In cities people break marriage even on small issues of compatibilities and behavioral disorders. Male chauvinism as well as strong heading feminism are both a death bell to the institute of marriage. Also due to lack of inter mediatries the marriage hits the rock bottom once it get out of gear.

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Therefore, in cities a pre matrimonial background check is very essentials. In modern times, there is professional help in the offing. There are reputed private detective agencies which gives professional help and advice in the pre-marriage checks. These private detectives work in urban center and cities.  

Pre Marriage check involves the following Parameters –  

  • Character Verification of the prospective bride/groom – In this the general character which the subject bears in the vicinity is found out by the matrimonial detectives. It also throws an insight about the friend circle and social circle of the subject as well as their daily routine and past.  
  • Verification of Social Reputation of Family – It is well said in India that; the marriage is not between two individuals rather it is a bonding between two families. In many cases the marriages are broken because either or both of the families do not adhere to good social parameters. It is very essential to find out what society perceive about the entire family. Normally it is seen that the character of the family and the upbringing given to its children, bears a very strong influence on the children after they grow up. Therefore, it should be ensured that the entire family enjoys a good reputation in the vicinity.  
  • Information related to his/her employment/business – Private detectives also do screening about the gainful employment and business of the individual. In this process it is verified whether the information supplied in the biodata is correct or incorrect. The nature of business as well as earnings out of it, are also established in this investigation.  
  • Past Marriage and Reasons for Divorce (If any) – One need to be more caution in the case of remarriage and has to find out the reasons of divorce in the first marriage. In these cases, the private detective access documents in court and police stations, talk to neighbors and sometimes also inquire from ex husband or wife. The real reasons of divorce are communicated to the client. Although the ex-husband or wife can give a very negative narrative, but in this investigation an in-depth analysis is done and conclusion is drawn only after taking in consideration the entire parties.  
  • Financial Status and Assets of the family – In this the financial earning as well as non-removable assets owned by the family and their market value is investigated. The ownership of the house where the family is living is also ascertained. If the property is self-owned or mortgaged in any loan is also found out in this inquiry.  
  • Affair – If a person is having affair and relationship even after the family is searching for a match than that person is not suitable for the purpose of marriage. The reason is very simple that ethics and morality once compromised can never be brought back. Therefore, private detectives unearth any affair.  

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

  • Temperamental and Behavioral Details – It is very important that the person is psychological fit enough to cope with the pressure in the institution of marriage. For this there shouldn’t be any behavioral disorder. A lot of marriages end up very early because of Psychological disorder, tantrums, anger, misbehavior etc.  
  • Alcoholic/Drug Abuse – In many cases of marriage the person particularly male is heavily dependent on alcohol or drug abuse. It is very easy for a private detective to find the habits of intoxication in the spouse.  
  • Police/Court Cases (if Any) – A private detective also finds out if there is any criminal case lodged against the subject or his/her family, from the local police station. If such a case exist information is given to the client.  

Therefore, it is very necessary to get the pre marriage investigation conducted by a reputed detective agency in cases of marriages in major cities. Usually detective agencies come out with their findings within a span of few days. Such services also do not cost much and gives crucial insight and a neutral view point about the marriage proposal.  

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