Social Media- How it Affects Your Identity

Social Media- How it Affects Your Identity2018-06-20T08:11:48+00:00

How Social Media Effects your identity

All social media sites generate dollars in revenue with targeted advertising, these advertisement based on your personal information. As such they cheer user to provide as much information as possible.
With the increasing use of social media, there are many opportunities than ever before to identify or inflict online fraud. If you post that you are away from your home you practically open yourself for a possible theft. This is no different from posting that you are on a business trip.

The following profile details are used to misappropriate your identity:-
• Date of birth
• Full name
• Address
• Relationship status
• Your hobbies and other interests

Now you’re thinking why would the list above agreement your identity; below are some example how your identity can be compromised.

• GPS enables mobile can share your location, can reveal your house address, office address and area you visit.
• 90% of Facebook users have at least one application, many of which are not original and can be used for malicious purposes.

Before you think you should cancel all your social accounts and mails, consider there are many ways to be smart about whom you share it with or who you share. You can enjoy the benefits of social media without making yourself a target.
• Do not reveal your username and password.
• Never give out your driver’s license number.
• Choose unique username and password for your profile.
• Change your password regulary.
• Do not share your personal details.
• Avoid share your date of birth.
• Only connect to people you know or who you met as appose to friends of friends and complete unknown.
• Be careful with what you post and what you share.