The smart husband who was busted by Private Detective Agency

The smart husband who was busted by Private Detective Agency2018-06-20T08:24:01+00:00

Extra marital Affair Investigation

In April 2017, A lady walked in office, with the inquiry that her husband was having an Extra Marital Affair. The lady was in mid 30’s and her husband is early 40’s. After asking basic queries, DDS Detectives took data from the lady. From the next day a team of detectives were put on her husbands trail. Within 10 minutes the team responded that her husband was in a highly alert state and following him is almost impossible. The lady client than accepted that she had previously hired some other detective agency in order to catch her husband and she also told her husband about the fact that previously some other Detective Agency in Delhi was hired. So, the cheating husband was in a highly alert state of mind. So the plan to follow her cheating husband was dropped and a new plan was to fit an improvised GPS device with the feature of audio recording in the vehicle of subject. The Honda City car was fitted with device. On the very next day it was established through the audio recordings and GPS locations that the subject had an Extra Marital Affair and had taken a room on rent in Kalkaji Area. He used to frequently go to the room with the lady. IT was later revealed that the girl was unmarried and had earlier worked with the subject’s firm as receptionist.