Private Investigators in Delhi

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As a private investigators in Delhi we handle all kinds of cases. From the wrongly accused looking to clear their name and reputation to corporate looking to follow up on where their commodities is going. There have been many cases of people disloyally accused or crimes weather by police or by the company they work for. People who have been falsely accused of a crime have a few choices, they can either try to clear up their names by providing the information to employers or authorities and hope that all of the facts add up or they can hire a private investigator to actually follow up on leads and provide real time information regarding their innocence.


Why hire DDS private investigators Delhi?


Professional private investigators:

DDS detective agency has top professional investigators. No matter how small and big your investigation, our private investigators have experience of years and your case will be treated with professionalism by a professional private investigator.

Extremely discreet services:

Leaders in the private investigation domain, we make our services available to anyone who may find themselves in need. If you choose our services, we guarantee you absolute discretion when dealing with your case and we take extra care with private issues and sensitive matters.

Completely reliable investigations:

We will deliver result within an approved time limit and your own personal set of objectives in your case. Whether that’s asset tracking, fraud, theft, we have a good history in achieving standards and high rates of success in private investigation. You can also check testimonials of our clients who have achieved real results through our services.Private investigators in delhi


DDS private investigators are one of the leading private investigators in India. We have earned a reputation for reliability, professionalism, effectiveness. This is your guarantee that every private investigation, small or large will be handled by a professional investigator who will work for you problem and provide you the best result you require at a cost you can easily afford.

Private investigator services:

  • Tracing missing person
  • Tracing debtors
  • Relationship investigations
  • Discreet surveillance
  • Due diligence
  • Process serving
  • Background checks
  • Dating site scams
  • Date retrieval
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • Arranged marriages
  • Many other services

Finding an undercover private investigator Delhi that can provide a service you are looking for according to your need will not be a challenging task with DDS detective agency. Our investigation team are specialized in a wide range of academic and practical work experience, private detective equipment which allows us to offer many services such as surveillance work, cheating partner, process serving and others.