Private Detective Agency For Your Divorce Case Investigation?

Private Detective Agency For Your Divorce Case Investigation?

How Private Detective Agency Can Help with Your Divorce Case Investigation?

Many decisions in our lives are life changing. Marriage is one such decision. But, some people are unfortunate to have a healthy marital life. Trust issues, in such situation, often become the core of conflicts. In the end, you wish for divorce. But, the legal proceedings are not that simple, especially in India. Your partner may deny the proposal out rightly, and in such a situation, the divorce cannot take place. The matter comes to the level that you have to gather evidences in order to prove that you are claiming the divorce rightfully. This is the phase where you would want the intervention of private detective agency.

When you are having a situation of divorce, better not leave anything to chance. Such matters are complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous if we leave them to destiny of the court. DDS Detective Agency helps you with an exhaustive divorce related investigations such as evidence on infidelity , child custody issues, income / financial / asset details and so on, which would be helpful in maintenance / alimony claims, medical records, bigamy etc. Often times it is the case that lack of proper evidence leads to an unsatisfactory settlement. The evidence collected is often used in court proceedings for a better resolution.

A spouse may hide assets so that he does not have to split them. As part of a divorce investigation, DDS Detective Agency investigates a spouse’s finances and discovers hidden assets such as bank accounts, unreported income, hidden/undisclosed assets and so on. Be assured, evidences, along-with the investigation report, is acceptable in the court, therefore you will not attract any legal charge for hiring a detective agency.

Usually, there are no direct evidences against adultery and therefore has to be proven on the basis of evidence in court in order to accomplish the divorce. Since, it is difficult to have an eyewitness to prove an illicit relationship, gathering evidences such as hotel bills, travel records, photographs, letters or SMS may well prove the point in court. In India, divorce can be easily granted on the basis of adultery once it has been proved in the court. Even child custody and visitation investigations are crucial issue in a divorce or custody dispute. In determining the custody of a minor, the court assigns the custody by judging what’s best for the child. DDS Detective Agency will find the evidence that support that the custody of the child will be best in favour/disfavour.

We are well experienced in complicated, sensitive, and sometimes dangerous nature of divorce investigations and know how to finish our projects successfully. We assure you that the information gathered in our investigations are gathered with utmost secrecy along with supporting photographs and/or audio/video recordings whenever possible.

A private detective agency can help you with your divorce case investigation in various ways. From procuring evidences to arranging witnesses, a detective agency can manage them all. Just make sure you are choosing the right agency (see: How to Find the Best Private Detective Agency). Once you get the assistance of the right partner for investigation, the whole situation that seemed blocked, will clear its way. With the aid of help they provide, you can easily win the desired results. Such agencies can help you in:

  • Procuring evidence of adultery and misconduct: through taking secret visual evidences such as stills and videos of their suspicious activities. Also, collecting evidences form other places where the concerned person has contacts can also yield potential finding. This could help in establishing the fact legally that the opposition partner has been unfaithful and has broken the trust of the partner therefore, must give-in to divorce.
  • Arranging witnesses: through searching the exchange domains of the concerned target, the agents undertake follow-ups within the legal bound and gather witnesses who will be in support of the case at hand.
  • Asset search: this helps in settlements and is very crucial part of divorce investigation. To make the settlement best in your favor, it is necessary that you have full knowledge of what your partner owns and DDSDetective Agency assure that you get it.

On a clear basis, it is clear that unfortunate divorces are the result of an ill-established marital alliance. Had the parents been careful at the time of marriage and had opted for a pre-marital investigation, the unfortunate even of divorce had not probably come. It is therefore advised that you opt for pre-marital investigation too, so that such unfortunate events don’t knock your door.

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