Need of Private Detective in Pre Matrimonial Inquiries

Need of Private Detective in Pre Matrimonial Inquiries2018-07-17T06:16:10+00:00

Need of Private Detective in Pre Matrimonial Inquiries

Marriage is the most important part in person’s life. However, Decision regarding matrimonial partner should only be made after thorough excreting an investigations. Earlier marriages were usually solemnized in known families and relatives. In those people were socially well connected and the reputation of the family with which matrimonial alliance was made used to know each other in and out. However the society has now become more wide and most of the marriages are fixed through web portal, newspapers, marriage bureaus etc.  In such cases the other family is completely unknown. There are numerous cases of frauds in the name of marriage. The family usually heights the negativity in prospective bride/groom therefore it is advisable to hire a reputed and professional detective agency to do a thorough background check on the other family before tying the nuptials. The pre matrimonial detective needs basic information like house address, photographs and office address etc. After taking the requisite information the spy agency will repute a private investigator (PI) on its payroll to do thorough pre matrimonial background enquiry. The PI will then analyze all the information within before beginning the work. He will go on the given address to know about the prospective groom/bride. Private investigator cultivates and also develop some human resources in the vicinity. These resources can be housemates , drivers, security guards, local residents and shop keepers. After striking conversation with them the investigator starts developing information. After a certain periods a logical conclusion is drawn and the report is submitted to client. Sometimes the prospective bride/groom is also physically shadowed and the surveillance report is also given to the client.

The report gives complete outlook of the family. The report gives character verification of boy/girl and social reputation of family. A complete information about the education background and employment is also covered in the detailed report. The report also gives the factual report about social status, financial status and reputation of the family. The personal traits of the girl/boy regarding affair, alcohol/drug abuse, behavioral & temperamental details & police/court cases (if any) is also given to the client. Through this report one can easily make a swift decision about marriage.


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