Marital Investigations in India

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Marriage is a bond between two individuals which lead them into a union, which gives the joy and security. In marital investigations detective agency handle cases related to pre-marital investigation as well as post matrimonial investigation. We hire quality investigators for both pre matrimonial check as well as post matrimonial investigations.

In pre marriage investigations, the cases are mostly of arranged marriages or a match found through web portals, newspaper, matrimonial websites, marriage bureau etc. A lot of marriage break very early because the information about prospective bride or bride groom is kept hidden by their respective families. In a case of pre matrimonial inquiry a complete background analysis of the subject as well as, his or her family is done. In this comprehensive check all the information regarding the family and the subject are extracted through the society and people in the vicinity. The return report given by DDS is complete and comprehensive in nature. It covers the character verification of the prospective bride/groom, social reputation of the family, financial details of the family, information related to employment/business, past broken marriages and reasons, temperamental details and alcoholic/drug abuse. The investigations for pre matrimonial inquiry are confidential and discrete in nature and it makes you clear to come to a conclusion.

matrimonial investigation in india

In Post Marriage cases there are many requirements which differ from case to case. In some cases women and men live together as a husband and wife but there is nothing left in their marriages. In post matrimonial investigations most of the clients come for extra marital affair investigations. As both the genders work differently most of the time they are separated from each other, they are unable to keep an eye, particularly in metropolitan cities of India, where life is very fast and both husband & wife work at different places. With the advent of social media, the more of communication has also become easier. These all factors facilitate extra marital affair.

Detective agencies help such people in collecting evidences against their spouse. The evidences can be in the form of videos/photographs/documents etc.  Some marriages do not work and reach till court, many a couple opt for divorce proceedings. In divorce proceedings also the couple fight for custody of children, assets and money. In such cases also detective agency provide ample evidences about the working, professional life, finances, extra marital affair etc. of spouse. Detective agencies also provide evidence of behavioral disorders and cruelty by in-laws. If the child is fully neglected by one of the parents, DDS detective agency also provides the evidences for the same.

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