Hiring a Private Investigator for Divorce Case

Hiring a Private Investigator for Divorce Case2018-06-20T08:10:50+00:00

Divorce cases are on a rise in India. The family bonds are not as strong as used to be and in the process the institute of marriage is also getting weaker. In yesteryear people used to keep their marriage alive even if the spouse was abusive, cruel or adulterous. Couples used to stay in joint family where the pressure of elders used to keep marriage intact. However, now a days the youth are well informed and refused to stay in an abusive marriage.


Not all husbands and wives and their marriages in a good exit. In Most of the cases divorce is fiercely fought in court. After having relationships for many a year the husband and wife have many common assets like house, cars, bank account, gold etc. In most of the cases the couple opting for divorce also have children from their marriage and often both want to have the custody of child. When the marriage is not dissolved mutually division of assets, custody of children, monthly alimony/maintenance is decided by honorable court. Often it is seem that both the party level baseless and frivolous  allegation against each other without collaborating them with evidences but the court decision are based on evidence admissible under Indian Evidence Act. This is where private detectives step in.

For child custody, the law is well settled. The natural guardian of the child is father. In case of two children usually the court divides the kids between two parents. If one of the parent is successful in establishing that the proper care of the child is not being taken by the other parent then also the court can grant the custody to the other parent.

Another born of contention between estrange husband and wife is monthly alimony and maintenance to be given to wife and children under section 125 CrPc and 24 DV Act. For this court has to establish the source of income of both the spouse, their expenditure and liabilities. In many cases husband hides his income and either pretend to be an unemployed or shows income less than his actual earnings. Alimony seeking wife also do the same thing. The onus lies on the second party to prove first party wrong. Private investigator helps in ascertaining the real income which can be furnished in honorable court.

Another major issue in divorce case investigation is to prove infidelity, adultery, abuse, extra marital affairs etc. Private detectives have ample resources to establish all these aspects. They also give evidences in the form of documents, videos, photos and sting operations to support their claim in court. DDS Management Solutions is a leading private detective agency which provide the services of investigations in divorce case. It also supports its finding in court as and when required. Our private detectives are highly efficient and professionals.