The growing demand of Private Detectives for Pre Matrimonial Investigations

The growing demand of Private Detectives for Pre Matrimonial Investigations2018-06-20T08:24:44+00:00

Walk into any reputed detective agencies, office and ask them what ratio of their work is of marriage screening or pre matrimonial investigations the unanimous answer will be huge. Now a days most of the matches are fixed through matrimonial websites, newspaper advertisements, marriage bureaus etc. In the good olden days marriages were fixed in close vicinity, population was less therefore it was not a difficult to know the reputation of second party. Background check & investigations are the integral part of any fact finding mission. A pre Matrimonial inquiry covers the following aspects:

  • Financial Status
  • Social Status
  • Temperamental and behavioural details
  • Employment and Business status
  • Income and Financial details
  • Family Background
  • Personality Trails
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Past broken marriage or reason for divorce
  • Alcohol / Drug Abuse

Normally, any reputed private detective will come up with a report, which will cover all the above aspects. The private detective will also hand over corroborative Audio/ Video/ Documentary evidence.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation Agency

DDS Detective Solutions provide you with necessary details within a period of 7-12days, depending on case to case. There are some cases where client have specific requirements, these specific queries are also answered. The cost of pre matrimonial inquiry also differs from case to case.