Going against the advice of Private Detective

Going against the advice of Private Detective2018-06-20T08:24:12+00:00

It is always said that never go against the advice of a doctor. Most of the people do so, but there are few who act on their own whim and fancies. A couple from Delhi wanted us to do Pre Matrimonial Verification.

Pre Matrimonial Investigator

The husband was a merchant Navy officer and the wife was a home maker, they had selected a match for there daughter. The boy was only a simple graduate, whereas the girl was an MBA from an elite college. However, the boy’s father owned a cement manufacturing plant and was supplier of cement to government of India. It was all but clear that the parents were more interested in the groom’s money rather than his character.

After a weeks enquiry the couple were called in the office to hand over their reports. The prospective groom was found with two different girls in a period of one week. He was seen dating both girls and it was very apparent from the body language that he was into a romantic relation with both these ladies. It was also revealed in the investigation that the boy was a chain smoker. Otherwise, the families social and financial condition was found to be good.

DDS detective have a strong experience in public life, after analyzing all the information, we gave a negative report and advised them not a marry there daughter in that house.

After about eight months the couple came back, this time they were accompanied by their daughter also. They were bit shy. They told that they married there daughter with the same guy despite our advise. The reason for it was that the family was extremely rich and they thought that the boy will leave those girls after marriage. However, The boy didn’t mended his ways and the girl caught him many a many a times even with prostitutes.

Post Marriage Investigation Service

They wanted to collect evidences for divorce case. We again deployed a team of our agents and within a week the boy was video recorded with a prostitute in a South Delhi club and along with a woman, who went to Hotel Radisson Blue. The clients were immediately informed and they reached the hotel and caught them red handed, police was also called on the spot.