Why Divorce Cases are Increasing in India

Why Divorce Cases are Increasing in India2018-06-20T08:10:26+00:00

It is said that family values are of very high order in India. It can be seen from the fact that there is not a single mention of word “divorce” in ancient Indian text. However, in modern times the rate of divorce has sky rocketed. There are multiple reasons for the spiraling rate of divorce. In this article/blog the issues which ultimately lead to divorce shall be discussed in brief.

Divorce Case Investigation

The single largest factor causing divorce is extra marital affair. The intermixing of opposite sexes is more rampant in modern India therefore people have got more opportunity and choices. Also man is a mammal and mammals have the tendency of procreation with multiple partners. Genetically we are designed to have multiple partners but due to the social, moral and civil restrictions we stay loyal to our partners. In these circumstances extra marital affair increases. Now a days there is boredoms in marriages and it seems that there is a self life of relationships because both the husband and wives are having life outside house it become very easy to hide an extra marital affair. Social media, phone, dating apps etc. has also made the task very easy. Having said that, there shall be no justification of adultery in our pre marriage and a discovery of such a relation divorce takes place.

Yet another prominent reason is that the females of today are much more stronger and feminist. They do not tolerate male chauvinism, cruelty, domestic violence, abuse etc.  The females of today are not weak and feeble like females of yester years and they know that there is no point staying in an abusive marriage.

The families also play a very vital and important role in divorce cases. Many a times the spouses are happy with each other but their respective family play spoil sport by unnecessary arguments, and interference. There are several other issues like incompatibility of spouses, different section orientation, behavioral disorders, demand of dowry etc. In divorce cases the court of law requires evidences to arrive at a logical conclusion. However, most of the time the party forget to gather the required evidences. The party may need evidences for spouse income and assets, grounds of cruelty, extra marital affair etc. In such circumstances detective agencies help the parties involved in divorce cases by collecting evidences to help them in divorce cases. DDS Private investigators are Widely experienced in handling divorce cases and they know how to procure evidences which may there client in honorable court.