In Today’s economic climate, and given necessity and popularity of working in online world, business fraud is becoming more more common at every level of employment.

Online Fraud that affect businesses

To keep your business safe, and to take important investigative, preventative action in the event something does go wrong, here are some of the examples of fraud your and your employees should be aware of.


In Depth Investigations commit insurance fraud investigations at a business, government and personal level and our detective agents will expose anyone who derives the benefits from the concept of insurance.

At a business level, insurance fraud can include anything from dishonest activity in relation to fault, liability, personal injury or vehicle damage in vehicle smash assessment to workers claiming unwarranted compensation insurance. We have done lot of investigations for insurance companies who are being exploited by customers.



 Your employees must be more careful when it comes to dealing with any clients contact, work and banking credentials. Hackers tend to go directly to customers to access to their account details as they know that banks are more difficult to hack and they use countless firewalls for protecting customers banking details.

If any spam email is received by any of your employees that claim to be from the bank, make sure that they do not click on that link and also not to respond to that mail in any way.

Millions of emails were sent by scammers in the hope that some people will click on that link and hand out their bank credentials and login details. These type of emails ask you to follow a link that will be redirected to fake banking website and where you will be asked to enter your login details. These type of links have an malicious program that can capture your keyboard strokes including details you have entered such as bank login credentials and send this information to third party or hackers. If extra care is not taken, these information can expose your business.



 Shopping fraud generally affects individuals more than a business. Do your staff ordering services or products online from their work computers? Do your have workers shopping online from their work computer in free time? If yes than extra care needs to be taken.

If any of your employee received an email requesting payment to be made via particular method by showing attractive offers and in greed of getting something extra employee click on the link similar to banking services and taken to fraudulent sites. By clicking on the link, hackers download “key logging” or “Trojan” program into your workers computer which could compromise your client security and your computer security too.

If your staff only respond to legitimate emails and are extra cautious then your business has the less chance to become a victim of online fraud. However if anything goes wrong, DDS Detective Solution can help you out by offering best detective investigation services.