Exposed Distributor Fraud in Godrej

Exposed Distributor Fraud in Godrej2018-06-20T08:24:53+00:00

Mr.X Area sales manager of Godrej walked in the office of DDS Detective Solutions, with a very peculiar problem. According to him, Godrej had about 40 distributors of its products like Ezee, Cinthol, etc. These products were directly sent to distributors across Delhi. There was huge amount of pilferage in the warehouses of distributors. One distributor was not supposed to distribute the product in the area of the other distributor. However, there was decline in sales of some distributors. The revenue of all the 40 distributors were deeply studied.

 Thereafter, the Private Investigator were deployed at the local whole sellers, to determine who were supplying products to these wholesellers. On the very third day a consignment came which was not from the same distributor. The empty van was followed and found that a distributor from Wazirpur Industrial Area was supplying the products in South Delhi. Proper video recording were made at both the places to connect the events. DDS Management busted the entire network of distributors of Godrej.