How to become a private investigator in India?

How to become a private investigator in India?2018-06-20T08:11:38+00:00

There is now law to govern activities of private detective/spy agency in India. Most of the private investigation firms re run by corporate sector. However, some of the detective agencies are being run by investigators who had past experience of investigations in government sector like Police, IB, RAW, CBI etc. The basic qualification to become a private investigator is a curious and analytical mind. A private detective needs to be rations, logical and should have patience. The minimum education should be class XII. An aspiring detective needs to be tech savvy and computer friendly.

How to become private investigator

Currently there are a few private detective agencies which imparts training and inducts interns. DDS Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is also one such company. The course duration depends on the level of IQ, aptitude and dilligance of prospective candidates. After a few days of training in office, candidates are placed under a senior investigator to work directly in field. Stipend’s also paid to the candidate in training period. After completion of training the individual is placed in DDS Detectives and he starts getting cases. In the beginning easy cases are allotted and if the investigator is seasoned within 3-4 months he stars getting regular cases. However it is not necessary that every intern becomes a successful investigator.

The most difficult task of a private investigator is works regarding corporate spy, undercover agents, pre matrimonial enquiries and post matrimonial enquiries, sting operation etc. A good investigator must have good communication skills and should have critical thinking problem resolving schemes. It is also necessary that an investigator needs to have knowledge of low and he should be able to work with integrity, honesty and ethically. He should have ability to take quick and rational decision. The research skills should be good and the private investigator should have good indepth knowledge about latest gadgets, instruments and technologies. He should be able to comprehend the problem and should effectively collect and analyze the evidences to resolve the problem.

A private investigator should have a valid Driving License and should be ready to work anywhere. This field also do not have any fixed working schedule, hence the ideal candidate should be alive to the preposition of working in long shifts as well.